Paul Perkins

Senior Pastor

Pastor Perkins  has been the Pastor of GBC since 2007. He was raised in the home of a church planting missionary. In July 1979, Paul realized his Baptist religion could not save him, and trusted Christ as his Saviour. Called to preach at summer camp of the same year, ministry became the focus of his work.  Paul started attending Bible College in 1986, and has completed a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Master's Degree in Theology, and is currently working on his Doctorate.  In May of 1990, Paul married Monessa, and the Lord has since blessed them with five children: Rebecca, Elisa, Timothy, Ethan and Tessa. Paul and Monessa served together here at GBC  after marrying until 1995 when the Lord called them to be missionaries in the Philippines. There, they served in missions work until the Lord called them back to pastor Grace Baptist Church. 

Benjamin Roberts

Youth Pastor & Music Director

Bro. Benjamin Roberts joined GBC in the summer of 2016 as the principal of GBA, and he was also led to become the leader of the music program for the church. In 2021, he stepped away from GBA and became the full time Youth Pastor of the GBC Teens. He and his wife, Clarissa were married in 2015, and have two daughters together.  Ben and Clarissa both attended Pensacola Christian College.